Alexsandro Duarte models for D.HEDRAL

Dubai-based soccer player, personal trainer and model, Alexsandro Duarte modelled for D.HEDRAL, the Italian underwear brand. This editorial features their ACE underwear collection and is photographed by Daniel Jaems.

D.HEDRAL chose Alexsandro to represent their brand because his story inspired them. When Alexsandro was nine, his father passed away. This was around the same time he started getting serious about soccer. Instead of giving up, he channeled his energy into the sport. It helped him get thru this difficult phase in his life. Duarte was already playing professionally for the top soccer teams in Brazil while he was a teenager. At 19 however, a serious injury unfortunately ended his career. Alexsandro had to focus on a different path and is now living his dream as a professional personal trainer and model while travelling the world.

D.HEDRAL’s ACE Collection consists of simple, classic, seamless underwear designed for active men. It’s made of micro-cotton which is super lightweight and dries quick, along with a number of other sportswear properties. It’s perfect for wearing at the gym or playing sports.

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