Bum Chum’s Kink Collection

Bum Chums is getting pretty provocative with their latest collection. It’s tagline “Anything but Vanilla” gives us a good idea on what to expect. With a focus on bondage, sexual objectification and darkness laced with heavy chains, this sexy photoshoot is an amazing visual representation of the Kink Collection.

Of course I had to get my hands on a pair of these. They fit perfectly and come with a well-designed pouch that naturally enhances what you’ve got. The cotton-elastane fabric stretches nicely for a great look. Everywhere except the pouch is semi-transparent red, which is the best part 😉

The underwear in this collection have a colour scheme of black and red (very fitting!) are available in hipster and brief styles. They retail for £15.99 each at the official Bum Chums online store.

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