CoolFlex Brief by Andrew Christian Review

I’ve decided on a schedule for underwear reviews. Im going to do an bi-monthly review on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Although life occasionally gets in the way, I’ll try to stick to the schedule as much as I can.

Now for this review, I’m trying on the CoolFlex Brief with Show-It Tech from Andrew Christian. These were part of a holiday grab bag I received back in December and I finally got the chance to start wearing them recently. I have to say that these are making me want to wear briefs more often. They’re super soft and they feel amazing as soon as you put them on.

About This Product: As I mentioned in my last review, Im not really a brief guy, but these were part of a grab bag. Out of the last 30 or so pairs of underwear I’ve purchased, maybe 2 or 3 have been briefs. Between this pair and the Almost Naked Peek-A-Boo briefs from my last review, I’m seriously reconsidering my stance on briefs. The pair I got was fuchsia (pink). It’s not a color I would normally order, but I don’t mind wearing pink. They have yellow and white trim with a dark blue waistband. The waistband letters even glow under blacklight, although I didn’t have a chance to test this out. They’re limited edition, so they wont be around forever. If you want a pair, then get them now. The product description says “maximum frontal support & enhancing” so you look huge! The pouch does enhance to make you look bigger but I don’t see much difference between the apparent size with these vs a different pair with a pouch.

What I Like: I love how soft it is. It feels like you’re putting on a piece of cloud; thats the great thing about modal material. The style, if not the color is also great about this pair. Yellow is my favorite color but too much can be overwhelming, so I like how theres enough to be appealing but not enough to make you think Ronald McDonald. Another great feature of the CoolFlex is its pouch. Most pouches just use a simple threaded seam for the pouch opening which has no give and can be irritating. These have a stretchy seam so while it still does the job of pulling your package forward its not abrasive and has a much more natural feel.

What I Don’t Like: The only disappointment I had with these underwear was the butt style. With briefs and boxer briefs, I prefer a pair that has some cheek definition either from a center seam or a tighter weave in the center. This is the only area where this pair fails. The butt is a solid piece that doesn’t really give much definition. If you prefer not to have any butt shape to your briefs and like a more covered look then you probably wont find anything at all wrong with these.

Who I’d Recommend Them To: These would quickly turn into a favorite pair for any brief lover, grab a pair and you won’t be disappointed. For those who aren’t into briefs, AC makes a boxer version of this design. I cannot say anything about it yet though, as I haven’t tried them.

When I’d Wear Them: My favorite place to wear them is around the house with nothing else but my Cthulhu slippers although they’re great anywhere. I wear them to work, out shopping or anywhere else. The only exception is wearing them to the gym, although I’ll wear them from the gym. When I go to the gym on lunch other guys see my underwear so I just wear boxer briefs that wont make other guys uncomfortable in the morning. After I shower at the gym I put on my underwear and pants before coming out so I’ll put these on then. They do absorb moisture pretty good and dry quickly, so if you don’t mind showing your colors then you might want to try them going into the gym.

Price: $24.93 although currently they’re marked down to $17.45 and AC always has coupon codes for at least 20% off, if not more.

Where To Buy: Andrew Christian website.

Style: Brief

Pouch: The pouch on these is one of the best features. The pouch has extra wide sides with a decent sized pouch so even Dirk Digler would have plenty of room. The pouch also doesn’t have that steep drop-off that most pouches have so you don’t get any irritation or unpleasant rubbing on your undercarriage.

Rise: Mid rise

Coverage: Full coverage

Butt Style: The butt is solid and doesn’t give any definition or cheek sneak.

Fit: As with all AC underwear the fit is dead on balls accurate (I love that quote) since they only sell their own brand of underwear.

Waistband: The waistband is a mid-sized band which is standard for Andrew Christian which is perfect for me.

Fabric: 95% rayon (made of modal) and 5% spandex.

Stretch: This pair feels stretched out because of how soft the fabric is and the low percentage of spandex, but don’t let that fool you. These briefs still hug nicely and provide great support.

Other Styles In Collection: Brief , Retro Brief, Tagless Brief, Arrow Jock, Tagless Boxer

Made In: Thailand, although the description on the website simply says “Designed In The Andrew Christian Design Studio In Los Angeles, California”

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