Review: Peek-A-Boo Brief by Andrew Christian

For today’s review I’m taking a look at the Almost Naked Peek-A-Boo Brief by Andrew Christian. These were the Underwear of the Month for February. Andrew Christian has a monthly membership where they will ship you a featured pair of underwear each month for $13.49, although the full price is $24.93

About This Product: These are full coverage red briefs with mesh and an contour pouch. The mesh runs along the top front and back to give just a little peek. The pouch has a built in C-ring for enhancement. The pouch is semi-detached meaning that it is only sewed on at the waistband and flips up to reveal the contents inside. First, since the mesh is a bit more stretchy than the main fabric, it allows for a more comfortable fit. Second, it doesn’t leave you feeling as cramped as you normally would in a pair of briefs. Lastly, larger guys wont have to worry about being cramped since the pouch isn’t sewn to the body of the underwear at the bottom.

What I Like: The way the c-ring is designed, it minimizes ball pinching although there is still a little bit as seems to be the case with most c-ring underwear. If you’ve ever worn underwear with a c-string you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t then check back for a post I’ll be doing soon about package enhancement. Overall they re comfortable all day long and don’t leave you feeling crowded like most other briefs. There is a tag, but it isn’t scratchy or anything. It runs sideways along the waistband so it lays flat and you don’t see it through the mesh. Ive worn other underwear that are just a pouch and with those you tend to pop out, but since these give a bit more support I didn’t have any trouble with spillage.

What I Don’t Like: Overall there really isn’t much to complain about with these underwear. I don’t typically wear briefs too often; I much prefer either boxer briefs or a nice thong, but these were a good change from the tight briefs I’ve seen in the past. There were a couple of minor things that I noticed that I want to talk about though. As I mentioned above, the ball pinch isn’t really a big issue, but it does still happen. Also, if you’re hard while you put the underwear on you might have a bit of difficulty getting the pouch to stay down depending on if you’re a flip-up or flip-down guy. While I was brushing my teeth I also noticed that they’re like gremlins, don’t get them wet. If you do they’ll get discolored for about 15 or 20 minutes. The color returns to normal and it doesn’t stain, at least water didn’t, but for the first few minutes I was thinking “WTF!”

Lastly, if I was able to change something about them Id make the mesh area in the back go a bit lower. They’re called “peek-a-boo briefs” so Id want to see just a bit more bum.

Who Id Recommend Them To: Anyone who prefers to wear briefs but wants to add a little flair. A lot of briefs are simple solid colors or don’t have decent pouches but these underwear are great on both points. If you like the snugness of briefs then these might not be for you, but if you feel cramped in the type of underwear you grew up with then you should give these a try.

When Id Wear Them I would mainly wear them for work or just around town. Since mesh is not moisture-wicking at all and the rest of the material isn’t that great at it either, I probably wouldn’t wear them to do anything too physical like yard work or the gym. Wearing them to swim may not be the best idea either since the pouch flips up, unless you’re intentionally trying to “accidentally” pop out.

Price: $24.93 The price may vary a bit depending on color. Like most underwear sites they always have a special going on. And you can always sign up for email deals to get 25% off your order.

Where To Buy:

Style: Brief

Pouch: Semi-detached contour pouch with built in C-ring. With the pouch not being attached on the bottom, it’ll also give a bit more room to guys who fill it out more as well.

Rise: Low

Coverage: Full Coverage

Butt Style: Solid with no seam but you they still give a bit of cheek definition.

Fit: Andrew Christian underwear always has a true fit.

Waistband: The waistband is a good size, about an inch thick. The lower part of the waistband is white and blends into the mesh so it looks a bit smaller. The Andrew Christian is stitched in black with a gold background that goes nicely with the rest of the colors.

Fabric: The body is 93% rayon (made from bamboo) and 7% spandex. Mesh: 92% nylon and 8% spandex.

Stretch: The main body of the underwear doesn’t have much give, but the mesh is fairly stretchy. Since the pouch is semi-detached, as far as the fit is concerned, the whole front is stretchy and gives a comfortable fit.

Other Styles In Collection: There are a couple of jocks that are technically labeled as in the collection, but the premise of the collection is the contrasting mesh which the jocks do not have.

Colors Available: Pink/Black/Yellow, Red/White/Blue, Blue/White/Red, Yellow/Black/Black (Main Color/Mesh Color/Trim Color)

Made In: Thailand. Although the description on the website simply says “Designed At The Andrew Christian Design Studio In Los Angeles, California”

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