Stealth for Men Review

Stealth for Men Review

Been a little while in the making but I finally have the full Stealth For Men review up. It’s a pretty long one but it’s got lots of great information so stay with me and read on. This is one of my most highly recommended products for male enhancement!

What is Stealth?: Stealth Innerwear is a penis sheath that is meant to give you a larger looking package. It can be worn under virtually any clothing: underwear, swimwear, or whatever else you have on. It prevents the penis from retracting which helps your profile look bigger and also acts as extension training to slowly turn you from a grower into a shower. By wearing it every day, it trains you to stay fully extended even when not erect. It has a jacket and sleeve which add extra girth to further enhance your profile and the overall feel. It also has a built in C-ring to help pull your entire package forward.

It comes in 99 custom-fit sizes so it should fit virtually anyone. You just measure your flaccid length and girth, enter it into the size calculator and it will tell you exactly which size stealth fits you. It doesn’t impede urination and accommodates unexpected erections. Stealth is made of 100% cotton and both sleeves are made from spandex. It is designed so it won’t slip or slide off and will work for both circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

What I thought of Stealth Overall: I tested out the Stealth system for about 6 week in various combinations and the verdict is: the overall the design is pretty solid and it’s a great product that works well. It is pretty much invisible while you wear it and the profile boost is definitely noticeable. Unlike the “get big quick” ads you see all over the internet, the extension training also seems to be a reality. It won’t happen over night but it will slowly increase flaccid size and prevent “turtling”.

Ease of Putting On: When I initially purchased Stealth I had some difficulty with getting it on. I found a tip online to use baby powder and it works great. Since I started using baby powder it goes on in seconds. Also, you only need to use the baby powder initially. Once the material stretches a bit (“breaks in” like a pair of new shoes) you won’t need to use it any more.

Comfort: After a few days adjusting I don’t even feel when I’m wearing the Stealth any more. All you have is a fuller feeling which is a great confidence booster. The best feeling is when you’re not wearing any underwear. When you’re not used to feeling your full length resting against your leg it’s a very gratifying feeling. Even though I’m done with the review, I am still wearing the Stealth daily. The Siliskin Ball Stretcher used to be my “go to” bulge enhancer but it has now been replaced by Stealth!

Having both sleeves on it may feel tight at first, but you can always remove one or both of them. What I would suggest is to wear one for a couple of weeks until the fabric loosens a bit, then switch to the other sleeve and let the fabric loosen on that one for a couple of weeks. After that you should be able to wear both sleeves without it being so tight. If you don’t wear both sleeves you won’t get as much of a girth increase but it’ll be more comfortable. If you wear the retainer band you’ll increase girth as well.

Look: The Stealth itself looks pretty cool, but the look in clothes is what matters most. It looks enhanced yet very natural while you’re wearing it whether you’re fully dressed or in your skivvies. I was at a local club recently with my wife watching guys dance around on the bar in their underwear and I was thinking that if they wore Stealth they’d probably have a lot more cash in their Andrew Christians.

Best Feature: The feature is the extension training. I’ve only been using the Stealth a little over a month so I can’t attest to any long term effect, but in the short term I have noticed some results in this area. Extension training doesn’t change erect length; it trains your penis to stay at your full erect length even when you’re flaccid. I was about 6 inches erect and 2-3 inches flaccid when I first started using Stealth. After about 6 weeks of wearing it my flaccid length will stay around 4 – 4.5 inches after I take the Stealth off. For the first couple of weeks the effects only lasted about 10-20 minutes, but now it lasts about 1-2 hours. With the progression I’ve seen I’m sure I would see even more results with more time. These results are from wearing the Stealth about 14-16 hours per day. I don’t sleep in it but if you do you’ll most likely see even better results than I did.

Worst Feature: In my opinion, the worst feature is urinating while wearing the Stealth. Since you’re under compression it can be hard to tell when everything is “cleared out”. This is the only issue I have with the Stealth. If you have done any Kegel exercises to control your PC muscle for delaying or having multiple orgasms it should make a big difference when trying to “fully drain”. I haven’t done these exercises myself but there’s quite a few benefits you can get from them. If you want more information on Kegels check This Article from PEGym. Don’t worry I’m going to be doing a few articles on Kegels and all that jazz at a later time.

Price: $35.00 plus shipping ($7.00 Domestic and $12.00 International) which is on par with most other products of this sort.

Website: The website ( is fairly small, but there’s only one product currently. It consists of the main landing page, a couple FAQs, a contact page, newsletter signup and their blog. The blog is actually not what I expected at all. On most sites like this the blog is just articles trying to sell you their products, but on the Stealth website it is actually a bunch of valuable tips for men. The tips were in everything from Fitness to Style.

Fabric: The Stealth itself is made of 100% cotton with a silicon bead around the head. The sleeves are made out of spandex.

Care: The website says “it is best to wash Stealth by hand with warm water and mild hand soap. Do not use extremely hot water with harsh detergents, bleaches or water softeners as these can destroy the antibacterial nano-treatment and healthy functions that the material is treated with. You can hang dry or use the drying machine. Keep in mind the garment does not need to be washed as often as regular underwear as the nano-treatment will eliminate odors and keep your Stealth smelling fresh for up to 2 weeks or more.”

Hand-washing it is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time. Since I wear Stealth about 16 hours a day I try to wash it every day or every other day if I forget. It only takes about 5 minutes to wash the main device and the sleeves with regular hand soap.

Shipping: Shipping is really quick. I received my package 4 business days after ordering. It came in a plain discreet envelope with a description of “Fabric Sample” for your privacy. At first seeing the package I didn’t think much, but when I opened it I was surprised to see that the Stealth itself was in a factory sealed foil package with the company logo on the package. I personally think there are too many adult product companies that just send their products in cheap Ziploc bags with a packing slip so I was really pleased about the packaging.

Communication: Communication was also great! When my package was shipped there was a mix up and I didn’t receive the email with the tracking info so I emailed customer service. I received an answer within a couple hours where most companies don’t get back to you until the next day. They apologized for the mix up, gave me the tracking information and as it turned out my Stealth was already delivered to my PO Box. They even followed up with me the next day to make sure the package arrived safely.

On the Horizon: Stealth is also working on an Active Stretcher for penis enlargement exercises. This will be a penis lengthening device, but unlike most other devices it will be convenient. Most stretchers are bulky and are not suited for wearing under your clothes. The active stretcher takes having a life outside your house into account so you don’t have to spend hours on end locked in your room with weights, pulley and all manner of contraptions. You just put it on and go. Since you can wear it under your clothes you can do sessions longer than an hour or two. How about putting it on before work and then having it actively work for the full day? I don’t know about you but to me that definitely opens a lot of possibilities and changes the rules of the game for guys who aren’t 100% satisfied with their size. It’s not due out for several months but I guarantee that once I get my hands on one I’ll be doing another Stealth for Men review.

Made In: Designed in Canada. Manufactured in China.

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