The World’s Most Expensive Underwear

AussieBum just announced their latest underwear, the AB 24K Gold. It is the world’s most expensive men’s underwear, made of an expensive 24K gold yarn produced in Germany. The designer Sean Ashby incorporated it with ‘ENLARGEIT technology, giving the wearer an ergonomic pouch which provides a comfortable fit and extra lift. Each pair will be tailor-made in Queensland to fit the purchaser perfectly, rather than having to choose from the generic “small, medium, large” size guide.

The ultra-exclusive underwear is limited-edition and will be priced at $14,696 AUD (approximately $11,000 USD). While most of us do not have that kind of money to shell out on a pair of ginches, the good news is that you can win one! AussieBum is giving away three pairs to customers who make a purchase during their Gold Rush sale. Simply purchase something from their store between today and April 18th and you’ll be entered to win. EVERYTHING is on sale up to 50% off, so hurry and stock up your undie drawer now!

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  1. Well, I appreciate the post. It’s surprising that eventually we got so upgrade that gold is being used in underwear for men! Well, I am happy too.

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